DIY Harvest Apron

This beginner sewing project creates a cute and useful DIY harvest apron! The best part? I used an old shower curtain to make it.

For the most part I am a woman who wants things that are functional. If they are pretty or cute, that’s a bonus. When it comes to this simple apron project it has the benefit of being both cute AND functional. That’s hard to beat!

Supplies for a DIY Harvest Apron

For this apron you will need a few basic sewing supplies.

When it comes to the fabric, I went with an old shower curtain that I got at a garage sale. Shower curtains are GREAT when you can find them for cheap. You get a lot of fabric, typically cotton or even linen, at a cheap price. I’ve kept this curtain on hand for a few months waiting for the perfect project, and this was it!

apron rough and tumble farmhouse

Here’s what you need to round up:

  • 32×41 piece of fabric. Potentially less if you’d like a smaller apron.
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Thread in whatever color you like
  • 1/2 inch or wider elastic
  • Overall Buckle or other buckle
  • Pliers or hammer if using an overall buckle.

How to Make a DIY Harvest Apron

There is a lot of give with this apron, so I’ll share the dimensions I used, but feel free to change it up to better suit your height and desired length.

Preparing the Fabric

First, cut your fabric to 32 inches wide by 41 inches long. If you are using an old curtain of some kind, try to utilize the hems so you don’t have to sew them later.

Hem both of the length sides, by folding in each side a quarter inch, then another quarter inch. Pin and sew.

hemming apron edge rough and tumble farmhouse

Next, cut a length of fabric about three inches wide. This will be your top waist tie, so length again will vary. I did mine about 50 inches long so I’d have plenty extra. Fold each side in 1/2 inch, then sandwich it onto itself. Hem this down.

making waistband rough and tumble farmhouse
harvest apron waistband

Bottom of the DIY Harvest Apron

Cut a piece of 1/2 inch or thicker elastic to about 39 inches.

Lay out the elastic on the bottom edge of your apron, wrong side. Fold the bottom over the elastic, and pin down. Fold the edge, then fold again to make a clean hem. Sew this. I like to use a zigzag.

bottom of harvesting apron grough and tumble farmhouse

Now I wanted to have a wide stretch of color at the top when I folded my apron up, but if you don’t care about this you can skip this next step.

With your apron laying wrong side up, fold the bottom up about 4- inches. Then fold over again 4-5 inches.

folding apron bottom rough and tumble farmhouse

Next, take an overall button and place it about four inches in from the outside edge. This is so you can buckle your overall buckle out of sight when you are wearing the apron in the down position.

button on harvest apron rough and tumble farmhouse

The overall button comes with a screw and the button portion. Push the screw through the fabric and press the button onto it. You can either hammer it into place, or I used a pliers to pinch it together.

Now, sew down along the very top of the fold, widthwise acros the apron.

On the same side you just placed the button, attach your overall strap to the elastic. Follow the pictures below for a guide.

how to put on overall strap rough and tumble farmhouse
overall installation rough and tumble farmhouse
hidden clasp rough and tumble farmhouse
Now you can clip your buckle out of sight when you wear the apron in the down position.

On the opposite edge of the apron, fold over the elastic sticking out the end and attach the other button. Make sure you place it correctly so when you flip the apron up, the button will be where you need it.

outer clasp rough and tumble farmhouse

Top of the Apron

Lay out the apron, wrong side up. Take the top waistband/tie you sewed together, lay it at the top. Fold down the top edge over the waistband/tie so it comes 1/4 inche past the band. Fold it over again. Pin, and sew down. Make sure you do not sew the waistband into place.

waistband of apron rough and tumble farmhouse

Now, scrunch the apron towards the middle to give it a pleated look.

scrunch apron rough and tumble farmhouse

Variations on the Apron

You can change up the height, width, fabric, to whatever suits you!

This was my first stab at the project. If I were to do it again, I think instead of using elastic I would make the bottom piece out of the apron fabric as well. I just think it would make for a cleaner look.

You could also make a solid waistband a the top and sew pleats. I thin that would make it even cuter and polished.

But for quick trips into the garden, this works just fine for me.

farmhouse apron rough and tumble farmhouse

Want another easy sewing project for the farm? It’s easy to make totes from feed sacks!

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