Hello! I’m so glad you are here.

I was not born or raised on a farm. I didn’t find my way to farming until after graduating college. I came across a one-year Sustainable Food Production program in northwestern Minnesota. We learned pasture management, fencing, food preservation, farm marketing, and a zillion other farm-related things. It was my crash course in farming and sustainable living and I.was.hooked.

Following that program I interned at several different types of farms: a diversified grass-based cow dairy, as a shepherd, and an organic vegetable CSA. I ended up spending four years at the vegetable CSA.

My husband and I purchased our current five-acre farm in the spring of 2018. The majority of the buildings are from the ’70s and the whole place is in need of a lot of TLC.

Our farm includes Jersey milk cows, a flock of laying hens, honey bees, guinea hens, two cats, two horses, and one farm dog. We have a small raised bed garden and a few perennials around the homestead.

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Education is Key

I am incredibly passionate about learning and am always working to gain new skills. It is important to me that I share resources and information that is backed by academic research and legitimate sources.

Here are a few areas I have studied and am thrilled to share my knowledge with you!

-Master Gardener in the state of Minnesota since 2016

Certified Food Preservation Consultant through the University of Minnesota

-Herbalism Certificate from the Herbal Academy International School of Arts and Sciences

-Certificate in Beekeeping in Northern Climates program through the University of Minnesota.


I created this blog and my YouTube channel because I have a passion for educating and encouraging people, especially women, to get out there and make their homesteads or farms happen.

I have over thirteen years of homesteading and small-farm experience. Living closely with the land, treating our environment and resources with respect, and giving back to our community are all important to me and my family.

I call this blog “rough and tumble” because that is exactly what I am. I’m not pretty or polished but damnit I’m getting things done.

I hope the stories I share here will be informative, helpful, and encouraging. I am always happy to help whenever and however I can, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!