Best Homestead Youtube Channels 2020

A year ago I transitioned from working full time down to working part time and staying home to care for my four month old. In the depths of winter, home by myself with an infant, I found myself spending a lot of time with YouTube. Here are my favorite homestead youtube channels from 2020.

I follow dozens of channels on YouTube, but there are a few that are my definite favorites I return to time and again. It’s so exciting when a new video is posted. Here I’ve broken down my favorite YouTube Channels for homesteaders and homemakers.


Rough and Tumble Farmhouse

Okay so it’s a bit of shameless self promotion here but my favorite YouTube channel is my own. I launched it around nine months ago with the start of this bog. Experts in blogging will tell you that I need to find more of a niche to become popular, but I completely ignore this advice. As a homesteader, mom, and homemaker, I pretty much have to handle everything. Cooking, maintenance, gardening, animal husbandry, homemaking, etc. My goal with my channel and blog is to provide that content to other moms like me.

Here is a direct link to the channel, and here is one of my favorite videos that features our sweet Jersey cows and troublemaker goats.


Roots and Refuge Farm

A very popular YouTube channel that I love is Roots and Refuge Farm. I first came across them when I was looking up dairy goat content. They raise Nubians on their homestead and have some excellent videos that show how they train in first fresheners (aka first time moms).

The videos that get the most attention are their gardening videos. Jess and Miah (Short for Jeremiah and Jessica. I was confused on that one for a while) have several gardens on their property, mostly raised beds.

They also have a high tunnel and window made greenhouse that I deeply envy.

The content is friendly, approachable, and as a Northern Minnesota girl I love listening to a southern accent for a change of pace.

The gardens are gorgeous and bountiful and are typically put together with simple or repurposed materials.

Here is one of their most popular videos.


Farmhouse on Boone

Farmhouse on Boone will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember the exact day I found them. It was below zero all day. Jane was four months old. Ben was getting home late that night so I was by myself with a baby for a very long day.

I was learning about cloth diapers and found Lisa’s video on the topic. From there I watched a few more of her videos and I was hooked. I dreamed of a house that looked a little more put together and maybe even a YouTube channel of my own.

Lisa has videos about cooking, sewing, daily life, etc. Her tagline is “Food from scratch, natural living, and a handmade home”.

They are just starting out with the farm animal aspect of things but as far as homemaking content she is my go-to.

She has a series “What we eat in a week” and this is a similar one.


Delci-A Life of Heritage

Delci Plouffe has a channel called Delic-A Life of Heritage. She has a homestead with her husband and kids in Montana. Her channel focuses on dairy goats, mini Nubians specifically but it is relevant to all goats.

Deli has such a positive attitude and shares a lot of valuable information in regards to goat care and health. If you are new to goats, she has dozens of videos to help you get started.

I also appreciate that she has goats in Montana, which has winters that can get as nasty as ours. It always gives me a boost of confidence to see how well her goats are thriving out in the prairies and mountains.

She also has content on beekeeping and farm life in general.


The Honeystead

We don’t have bees on our farm just yet (hopefully coming 2022!) but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying some good bee content. Over at the Honeystead they post weekly content that is all things honeybee.

They also have beautiful gardens that are sometimes included in their videos. Kaylee (not sure if that is the correct spelling of her name) also has some herbalism and foraging content.

Home Raised Meat


This channel covers a lot of topics (dairy camels anyone?) but what I pay attention to is their content on home butchering.

Homesteady also has a podcast which I might enjoy more than the YouTube channel. Largely because they have a friend come on called Accountant Mike. He isn’t a homestead guy so he has no emotional ties to any farming enterprises. They look at the profitability of various homestead projects and he will straight up say “don’t buy chickens, you will lose money”. It’s hilariously honest and helpful to get a realistic look at homestead finance.

Carpentry Projects

Ana White

Ana White might seem like an odd choice for my list of best homestead YouTube channels but I adore her. As a homesteader you will find yourself needing to learn some basic carpentry for both your home and farm.

Ana has a blog and youtube channel with thousands of free plans that you can utilize for DIY projects. Some are more complicated than others, but she explains everything well and makes it seem like anyone could do it.

In addition to bees in 2022, I’m hoping to build this greenhouse.

I also put together her plans for a potting bench.

Natural Body Care

Bumblebee Apothecary

Checking in with our own care for this best of homestead Youtube channels list, Marissa over at Bumblebee Apothecary has great natural body care recipes for free. Soaps, body butters, etc. Or if you don’t want to make it yourself you can buy it from her Etsy shop.

She also talks a lot about the GAPS diet and is way in to the Weston Price style recipes.

Wild Card

Way Out West Blow-in Blog

I discovered Way out West six years ago or more when looking for videos on how to tan a sheep hide. In their ingredients for salt they listed the “cheap and cheerful sort” which to this day I find a delightful description.

I call them a wild card because their videos cover all sorts of things from recipes and construction to building a mini yurt for kids. They live in Ireland so their videos are fun to listen to. “Kooky” is how I would lovingly describe this channel.

What are your YouTube favorites?

I am always thrilled to learn about a new YouTube channel whose rabbit hole of content I can fall into.

I would love it if you would share your favorite Homestead related channels in the comments. They might make it on my best of homestead YouTube channels for 2021!

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