Best Baby Carriers from Newborn to Toddler

I have a pretty hefty baby carrier collection and there are definitely pros and cons to each. Here are, in my opinion, the best baby carriers from newborn to toddler.

Why You Need a Baby Carrier

They are just so darn convenient. If you are anything like me at all you are looking after multiple children and pets. Maybe you have a farm too. You’ve got a house to take care of, dinner to make, errands to run, etc.

Baby carrying/wearing allows you to have your hands free.

It also helps promote bonding and closeness between parents and their babies. Especially when they are just little peanuts, babies typically snuggly right in there and fall asleep after you take a few steps. They love feeling snug and close to mom or dad.

How much does babywearing cost?

This will vary anywhere from $30 for a basic baby carrier up to well over $200 for a beautiful woven wrap.

Styles of Carriers

There are dozens and dozens of different baby carriers and wraps you can buy. They typically fall into a few categories.


A wrap will be one long continuous length of stretchy fabric. It loops around your body and the baby’s weight is carried on your shoulders. A standard wrap can only carry a baby on your front, facing you. They are usually only available in one size.

Woven Wrap

Similar to a regular wrap, a woven wrap is made of woven materials rather than knit. It is a stiffer fabric with less stretch. Since they are more supportive they can be used to wear a baby on the front, side, or on your back. Baby’s weight is on your shoulders. Because of the stronger material these can generally be used for longer as your baby gets heavier. These come in many sizes so you’ll need to figure out your measurements based on the seller’s size chart.

Ring Sling

A ring sling consists of a long piece of fabric that wraps around your body at an angle, just over one shoulder. It is held together by a ring that sits just on the front of your shoulder. Baby can be worn in front or on your side with a sling. The weight of the baby is carried just on one shoulder. They are typically one size.

Loop Carrier

A loop carrier as seen at Solly Baby, is sort of a hybrid of a ring sling and a woven wrap. It’s honestly kind of hard to explain so check out the YouTube video below. Baby can only be worn on your front, facing you. Weight is on your shoulders. There are two sizes.

Baby Carrier

I’m not really sure what to call these ones specifically so I’m just calling them carriers. These will be buckled on with shoulder straps like a backpack. Many are very versatile and baby can be worn on your front facing you or out, or on your back.

These carriers can vary widely in terms of features and design. Some are very simple and sleek, other are more like a minivan with all sorts of bells and whistles.

The main differentiating factor here is the baby’s weight will be largely supported by your hips.

They are usually one size fits all.

Find the Right Carrier for You

This carrier overview and review is purely based on my experience and preferences. Some features I really like, might be annoying to you. Or what I find uncomfortable for my body might be just fine for yours.

I highly recommend testing out carriers if at all possible before you buy.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. See my full disclosure here.

Best Baby Carriers Reviewed

Solly Baby Wrap

The Solly Baby wrap is my top pick for a basic wrap for your newborn or the first few months. They are made of an incredibly soft material made from the pulp of Austrian Beechwood trees. Seriously, it is unbelievably soft and lightweight. I loved using this when my daughter was first born up to about three months.

One negative of this wrap is that it is so lightweight that the fabric can tear a little more easily. My toddler likes to wear it around pretending it is a dress and because of that it has several small holes from her dragging it around.

I also found as my chubby little baby got big quickly, the softness and stretchiness didn’t lend as much support as I needed.

Ama Wrap

This was the first wrap I ever used and I still love it. Ama is a UK brand and I only ended up with it because a good friend of mine is English. It was hers for her boys and she was kind enough to mail it to me.

The Ama wrap is much thicker than the Solly. I found that as my baby hit around 3-4 months (and was already 17 pounds) that it was more comfortable to carry her in the Ama. The thicker fabric just provided a little more support.

It is definitely a warmer wrap to wear and not as soft, but definitely a good wrap.

The Ama wrap in action with a very bald Jane.

Solly Loop Carrier

When I first bought this carrier I thought I’d made an expensive mistake. With a price tag at $109 I was devastated when I thought I didn’t like it.

But, like with many wraps, I just needed to use it a little more to get the hang of it. This is currently our favorite carrier to use.

As a woven wrap it is very sturdy and a little bulkier to wear. It gives a ton of support and looks beautiful.

The ring feature on the back takes some time. I still mess it up sometimes and have to reloop it, but it just takes a few moments.

loop carrier from solly baby rough and tumble farmhouse

I also figured out a few tricks to putting it on correctly and getting baby in there to be the most secure and hip-safe. Check out the YouTube video below to see it in action.

It comes in two sizes, which is nice that there isn’t too much to choose from. That is one frustration I have with woven wraps is that you have to commit to a size. I don’t know about you but my postpartum body is much bigger than it will be eventually, so it’s a bummer to buy a larger size when I know it will be big on me eventually.

Right now Solly Baby has an incredible deal going on, buy a Loop, get a wrap for FREE.

Happy Baby Carrier

To be fair I can’t say too much about this carrier because I sent it back. Many people LOVE Happy Baby. They have cute fabrics and I love that they employ moms so they can work from home with their babies.

I just found that the waist strap was not as comfortable as I would like, and the overall fit felt awkward.

Older Baby Bjorn

I don’t have a photo of this carrier either as we recently donated it.

If you come across an older baby bjorn at a garage sale or thrift store, make sure that it has an adjustable bottom so you can make it wider to be hipsafe. I’d also highly recommend getting one that has the waist belt, otherwise all the weight is carried by your back.

Ring Sling

I wanted to love my ring sling. Really truly. I think they look beautiful and simple.

Welp. Turns out a ring sling is not for me.

For one, I don’t like that you carry the baby’s weight all on one shoulder. I don’t think this is sustainable.

Second, I just never felt fully comfortable that my baby was secure. Didn’t matter how many YouTube videos I watched on properly using them or how much I practiced. I was just always worried my baby was going to drop right out of it.

Again, that’s just my personal experience. Ring slings are widely used the world over and babies are perfectly safe snuggled up to their mamas and papas.

Woven Wrap

I purchased a woven wrap off Etsy because most woven wraps are expensive. This one was more affordable and beautiful.

My munchkin is still pretty little to do a back carry, but I have certainly used the woven wrap for a front carry.

Their versatility is great and the designs can be stunning.

A negative of a woven wrap is the price, the bulk (very bulky) and it takes a bit of time to put one on and wrap your baby in.

Infantimo Baby Carrier

I picked up a darn near brand new Infantimo baby carrier for $5 at a thrift store.

This carrier puts more of your baby’s weight on your hips which is excellent.

It allows for several different styles of carrying.

What I appreciate about this carrier is that it is lightweight and not too bulky. This carrier could be tossed in a bag or heck a big purse with out much struggle.

It has pockets! Lots of pockets for wipes, snacks, whatever.

The carrier comes with a sort of vented divider that goes between you and baby. This helps keep you and baby cool. It also allows you to fully put the carrier on before you put baby in.

Overall I’d say it’s a great option if you are on a budget.

Lille Baby Complete

Thank God for this carrier because I used it a ton with my first daughter and will definitely use it with my second. It is truly one of the best baby carriers.

If you spend a lot of time outside or need to do manual labor with your baby in tow, like farm chores for instance, this carrier is amazing.

It has a wide and highly padded waist belt that includes a back support piece. The shoulder straps are also thickly padded with again a support piece for behind your shoulders.

Lille baby also allows for several different carries including back carry.

The fabric is thick and sturdy. It also includes a little rain cover!

I only have two critiques of this carrier. First, it has no pockets for stashing stuff.

Second, it is VERY bulky. However, the bulk is the cost you pay to have all that comfortable supportive padding.

lille baby in action rough and tumble farmhouse
Me with Jane in the LilleBaby back when she was about eight months old.

My Favorite of the Best Baby Carriers

If I could start from scratch with carriers I’d start with a Solly baby wrap. Then I’d transition to their loop carrier. I’d also have a Lillebaby for the heavy lifting. I still really like my Ama wrap and the wove wrap is beautiful, too. I’d completely skip the ring sling, Happy Baby, old Baby Bjorn, and the Infantimo (even though that one is great for the price).

Watch and Learn

Want to see the best baby carriers in action? Check out the YouTube video below.

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