Homemade Eczema Cream for Babies

It can be heart breaking to see your new little one with eczema rashes or cradle cap. Thankfully I have an arsenal of herbs, oils, and butters, to make this incredibly simple homemade eczema cream for babies.

Quick disclaimer! I am not a doctor or dermatologist. Please always consult a medical professional when providing care to your children. Please read my full disclaimer here.

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a skin irritation that can flare up from things in your diet, pollen, animal contact, dry air, wool, and more. Source. According to the Seattle Children’s Hospital, if it doesn’t itch, it isn’t eczema. It’s hard to diagnose it with your littles when they aren’t old enough yet to tell you that it itches!

Is Eczema the same as Cradle Cap?

Nope! Cradle cap, also called seborrheic dermatitis, is a different skin condition that can affect both children and adults. It’s symptoms are flaking/scale type skin usually on the scalp and face. It can be red or even yellowish.

Cradle cap causes aren’t 100% known, but it is though to be linked with overproduction of sebum, a waxy oily substance our bodies naturally produce. It can also come from natural types of yeast that are present on our bodies. Source.

Will this cream work for both cradle cap and eczema?

It might! I’ve found it definitely clears up eczema and helps with the cradle cap, though it doesn’t clear it completely.

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How else can I use this cream with my children?

I first used this recipe as skin protection for my toddler. She had gotten frostbite on her cheek when she was only a few months old so I am protective of her little face during the winter. I like to put this on her nose and cheeks on especially on cold days before she plays outside.

You can also use this to help with diaper rash. Though if you cloth diaper the beeswax may create some what of a barrier on the cloth and affect its absorbency.

I also use this with my toddler when she has a cold. I put it around her nose and mouth to help prevent the chapping that can come with constant nose wiping.

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Ingredients for the DIY Eczema Cream

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil’s main purpose in this recipe is to act as a preservative. Oils can go rancid quickly and this will make the recipe more shelf stable. It also is a moisturizer and an anti-oxidant.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil brings in ricinoleic acid which is a great moisturizer for the skin. It’s also a thicker oil which helps give this recipe a dense quality to lock in moisture.


Beeswax provides a stabilizing element to this cream and thickens it up. It also helps to lock in the moisture from the castor and vitamin e oil. Finally, beeswax is naturally antibacterial so it helps protect your baby’s skin as well as help prevent any infection that can occur from open sores you might get from cradle cap.

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Dried Calendula Flowers

Calendula is known to promote cell repair and growth. It as also anti-inflammatory so it will help to reduce swelling and redness. Calendula also has antiseptic properties that help fight off infections.

It’s not unusual to see calendula in recipes for treating cradle cap, diaper rash, etc.

Source: Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs

Dried Chickweed

Chickweed is known to naturally soften skin and soothe skin irritations. Like Calendula, Chickweed is a gentle herb that is safe to use with children and is often used for treating eczema, diaper rash, swelling, etc.

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Supplies for a Natural Eczema Cream

  • Double Boiler
  • Glass, metal, or thick plastic containers
  • Rubber spatula
  • Kitchen Scale
  • Whisk

How to make Homemade Eczema Cream for Babies

This recipe can be used with just the castor oil, vitamin e oil, and beeswax. Honestly that’s what I first used to help my daughter’s rashes and it worked beautifully. I have since improved the recipe and added in some gentle, healing herbs.

If you don’t want to use the herbs, skip right to step WHATEVER and proceed from there.

Infuse the Oil

First begin by infusing the castor oil with the herbs. Pour 95 grams of castor oil (or just shy of half a cup) in a double boiler. Bring the oil up to between 95-110 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you have a consistent temperature, add in 1/4 a cup of calendula blossoms and 1/8 cup chickweed.

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Stir the herbs around so they are well coated in the oil. Allow the herbs to simmer gently for about one hour. The oil should turn a light yellow or greenish color.

Make sure you use only dried herbs. Fresh herbs have too much water content that will cause the oil to spoil.

Keep a steady watch on the temperature. Anything much over 110 and you’ll scald the herbs and burn off their useful oils.

Strain the oil through a cheesecloth, squeezing to wring out every last bit of oil from the herbs. Discard them in your compost.

Making the Eczema Cream

In the double boiler, melt 9 grams of beeswax.

Remove the melted wax from the heat and slowly pour in the castor oil, whisking as you go. The castor oil should still be warm when you do this or the beeswax will reconstitute. If you watch in the video below, my castor oil was a little too cool. If this happens, put it back on the double boiler just long enough for the wax to melt. It should only take a minute or two.

Add in 1 gram of vitamin E oil and continue to whisk. As needed, scrape down the sides with a rubber spatula.

The finished product should be a smooth consistency, almost like a petroleum jelly.

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Store the Cream

Place the cream in whatever storage container is handy for you. Personally I like these small solid plastic ones from Amazon. They can easily be tossed in a purse or diaper bag for use on the go. A squat mason jar is also a good option to be kept right on your changing table.

Watch and Learn

To see how I make this homemade eczema cream/cradle cap cream check out the video below.

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