Practical Homemade Gift Ideas

Tis the season where we buy or make something thoughtful for our loved ones. I’m always fan of function. These are some of my favorite practical homemade gift ideas.

These ideas are all easy enough that you need no special skills to whip one up. They also are all affordable gift ideas that just about anyone will enjoy.

1. Brandied Pears

canned pears rough and tumble farmhouse

This is a classic Christmas gift that feels like it is straight out of Dickens. A jar of brandied pears is timeless and thoughtful to give around the holidays. You could level up the gift by including a mixer that goes well with it, or little sipping glasses they can use for enjoying the sweet drink.

2. Boot Jack

DIY Boot Jack Rough and Tumble Farmhouse

For this you will need some sort of saw, but with the amount of cutting involved even a small hand saw would do the trick.

I can’t think of anyone who lives in a snowy climate that wouldn’t appreciate a boot jack. Spruce it up with wood burning, stencils, carving, whatever you like. Or just keep it simple like I did.

3. Herbal Balm

how to make an herbal salve rough and tumble farmhouse

If you need handmade gifts for a crowd, I think this would be a great gift. A handmade balm is unique, thoughtful and practical. I’d recommend making a simple calendula balm. Calendula is great for healing your skin and is generally safe for most people.

4. Cutting Board Conditioner

A great and easy gift for the cook in your life, this cutting board conditioner will help keep their wood boards in tip-top shape for years to come.

Find the recipe and more tips for caring for wood cutting boards here.

5. Essential Oil Roller

essential oil roller bottles rough and tumble farmhouse

Make your own custom scent blend by making a roll-on perfume. Or maybe you just want to go with a peppermint soothing blend to fit with a Christmas vibe ( also great for soothing the headache of dealing with in-laws).

You do have to buy the bottles in sets, but at the end of the day it costs less than $1 to make each bottle. Find my instructions here!

6. Mason Jar Light

hanging mason jar light rough and tumble farmhouse

This DIY Mason Jar Light is stylish and a great way to repurpose jars that have outlived their canning days. This project costs about $15 which includes the jar and the light to go inside.

7. Potting Bench

farmhouse potting bench rough and tumble farmhouse

Admittedly, this one breaks the rules as little as you definitely need some tools. I will say I made this potting bench from Ana White with next to no construction skills.

Altogether it cost less than $100 to make and I put it together in about two evenings of work.

8. Upcycled Tote Bag

feed sack tote bag

This project requires a sewing machine or a lot of time for hand sewing. You can use old feed sacks, burlap bags, etc. to make a functional and cute tote bag. I used these cool bags from Cowsmo Compost.

9. Beeswax Candles

beeswax candles

Whether you want to make beautiful hand-dipped taper candles or find some lovely thrifted jars to pour into, beeswax candles smell amazing and are easy to make.

10. Custom Tea Bags

home made tea bags

Swing by your local co-op and pick up some bulk herbs. You can easily make some delicious and simple tea blends that make great gifts. Put them in a sweet box or in a small mason jar with a decorative fabric lid.

Looking for more ideas?

Check out Rouse in the House’s super cute North Pole sign or visit Anja over at Our Gabled Home for her list of 31 ideas for handmade gifts this season.


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