Easy Garden Hose Fix

For whatever reason we always end up with busted hose ends. Probably because we are lazy about keeping them out of harm’s way. In any case, here is an easy garden hose fix for either male or female hose ends.

What is the difference between a male and female hose end?

I’m sure there are more technical terms for the ends of a hose than “male and female” but they are the only ones I have ever heard. I’m going to try and avoid innuendo as best I can but I make no promises.

A male hose end is more simple-looking. It consists of just the threads that the female end will twist onto.

male hose end rough and tumble farmhouse
Male hose end.

The female end of a hose will have a sort of cuff or sleeve that the male end can be attached to. Inside there should be a rubber gasket that makes a tight seal between the two.

easy fix for a hose end rough and tumble farmhouse
Female hose end.

Did we get through that without too much giggling?

What supplies do I need to change a hose end?

Changing out the end of a garden hose is super simple and can be done in about five minutes. Before you get started you’ll want to gather a few supplies.

  • Box cutter, scissors, or some other type of cutting tool that will slice cleanly through the hose.
  • Male or female replacement. I recommend the kind that have a metal band/clamp that is tightened with a screw. Check out the YouTube video below for a good visual.
  • Flat head screw driver.

What type of replacement part works best for a hose?

They have a few different options for fixing the end of a garden hose. The two that I have used before are the band and clamp (the one in the video and photos) and the kind that has little teeth all around the sides.

I do not recommend the kind with teeth, as they don’t stay in place well. They are more likely to pull away from the hose and wiggle loose when you are dragging your garden hose from place to place.

What size parts do I need?

This depends on the size of the garden hose. Most standard garden hoses will use a 5/8th inch part. If you have a larger or thicker hose you may need to use a 3/4 size.

If you aren’t sure what you have, remove the old end of your hose and bring it with you to the store and buy a replacement that is the same size.

How to do an Easy Garden Hose Fix

First, you’ll need to remove the old hose end.

Using a sharp cutting tool, slice the end off as cleanly as you can. If the end of the hose is kind of crooked, shave of the extra parts until the cut is even all the way around.

steps to fixing a hose rough and tumble farmhouse

Next, take the metal band/clamp and slide it onto the hose end. Depending on the size of the hose you may need to loosen the clamp a little to get it around the hose.

Then, insert the new part until the end of the hose is pressed right up against the threads.

how to replace a hose end rough and tumble farmhouse

If you are reattaching a female end, you might need to use a screwdriver or other tool to push the new piece firmly into place, as the cuff can make it difficult to get it all the way into the hose.

Slide the band back up so it is also right under the threads.

Using a screwdriver, tighten the clamp as firmly as you can. The tighter the better.

male hose end rough and tumble farmhouse

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Watch and Learn

Check out the video below for a quick tutorial on how to replace your own hose end.

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how to fix a hose rough and tumble farmhouse

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