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Farmers Defense Review and Unboxing

Farmers Defense was kind enough to send me some of their garden gear to try out and share with you! In this post I’ll review their farm sleeves and apron.

This post is sponsored by Farmers Defense. However, please note that I am still giving you a completely honest opinion. If their gear was crap I wouldn’t even be telling you about it. All links are affiliate links, meaning I get a small kick back and no extra cost to you.

What is Farmers Defense?

Farmers Defense is a company based out of California that makes a few pieces of garden gear designed to protect farmers and gardeners. Whether it is from the sun, scratches, irritation from certain plants, or just dirt and water, their products are designed to give you a protective barrier that is effective, comfortable, and plain cool to look at.

What products do they make?

I appreciate a company that focuses on doing just a few products but very well. Farmers Defense provides hats, sleeves, aprons, masks, and gaiters.

So far I have tried out the sleeves and the aprons. I’d love to test out their hats but unfortunately, I was blessed with a giant melon so I have a hard time finding hats that fit comfortably.

farmers defense products in packages rough and tumble farmhouse

Are they a sustainable company?

While they don’t share anything on their FAQ page on general company practices, they do talk about how their products are made from recycled materials.

” …proud to announce we are now working with REPREVE® fabric for all of our sleeves. REPREVE® transforms waste into quality materials. Manufactured by Unifi, a global textile solutions provider, REPREVE is the only eco-performance fiber with FiberPrint® and U TRUST® verification technologies and is a company that push the boundaries of transparent sustainability to make the world a better place to live.”

With that I can’t say they are a sustainble company, but I am happy their products are made using recycled materials.

Additionally, the packaging that the sleeves arrived in is totally compostable! I’ll toss it in my pile and let you know if it doesn’t break down.

Review of Farmers Defense Farm Sleeves

I am mildly obsessed with these sleeves, okay? Let me try and break it down into three categories.


The farm sleeves offer a level of protection from branches, thistles, nettles, whatever sort of irritant your arms might get into while working on the farm or garden. The fabric is sturdy and flexible so it holds up well against rips or tears.

The sleeves also offer a UPF rating of 50.

UPF is a little different than SPF. It stand for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and is the rating scale used for clothing. Anything with a rating of 50+ is considered excellent, and it doesn’t really get any better than that.


The sleeves have a special little gripper at the top part of your arm which holds them well in place. Even though it keeps them snug, it doesn’t dig into your arms.

On the opposite end there is a thumb hole so it keeps the sleeves in place over your hand.

They have two sizes so you will have to do a little measuring to make sure you get the right fit.

The fit and feel of these is fantastic.

I am the sort of person that even when wearing a long sleeve shirt will always push the sleeves up. I hate having something around my wrists, especially when I am working. I’ll get sunburned before I’ll pull the sleeves down.

These totally bypass that issue by covering my entire arm with a soft, stretchy, protective fabric that is incredibly breathable. No irritation around the wrists AND my palms get protection too.


They are just damn cool to look at. With over twenty different styles and designs, you can certainly find a pair of sleeves that you like. And if you need a bulk order of twenty-five or more, they can even make custom sleeves for you! How cool.


They work well and look awesome. What else do you need?

Review of Farmers Defense Harvest Apron


This apron has a ton of pockets WITH flaps and buttons so you can prevent yourself from losing things all over the place.

Additionally, they make one special pocket that is double lined to keep your pruners or shears from poking holes in the pocket. I can’t even count how many pockets I’ve lost to my hoof trimmers over the years.

farmers defense apron rough and tumble farmhouse

Another impressive feature is the water proof surface. In the YouTube video below I pour some water on the apron to test it out. The water pools and rolls around on there like little balls of mercury. Absolutely zero soaked in.

The seems and attachment points are all very solid. Even when I pulled on them as hard as I could, there was no separation in the stitching. Very impressive!


The apron comes with a neck strap and a back strap that are both adjustable with sliding buckles. I found the buckles to be good and solid. I had to putz a little with getting the back strap adjusted. Still, it’s not like you’re going to be moving that around a lot anyway.


Admittedly, they have less fun patterns with the apron than their other products. They do include some nice color options though with blue, black, green, and grey.


The pockets and the impressive waterproofing won me over entirely on this apron. I wish back when I was working at a CSA farm I had this. I was always losing my harvest knife or ending up with wet clothes from washing produce. An apron like this would have been a game-changer!

Where to Buy

If you’re sold on grabbing some Farmers Defense gear for you or a friend, please check them out here using my affiliate link.

Doing so gives me a small kick back at no extra cost to you.

I also recommend checking them out around the holiday seasons as they have some pretty great deals.

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