Manna Pro Harris Farms Nurture Right Incubator Review

I’ve used a few different types of incubators in my day and finally decided to purchase the Manna Pro Egg Incubator. Here are the pros and cons of this device.

Pros of the Manna Pro Incubator

There are many things I liked about this incubator and frankly only a few I did not. Let’s dive in!

Thermometer and Humidity Gauge

No guessing here, this model comes with a digital gauage that tells you the temperature as well as the humidty. This allows you to make adjustments to humidty as it gets closer to hatching time.

Considering that my hatches all seemed to go well, I’d say it is pretty accurate.

Easy to Operate

There really isn’t that much you need to do to make this thing function. Plug it in, add water, make sure the cover is on, and you’re set!


This might not be that important to some, but our incubator spends its time sitting on the kitchen counter. I appreciated that it is a clean, compact, professional-looking device.

guinea eggs in a carton

Ease of Cleaning

One of the main reasons I selected this incubator over the larger foam ones is for ease of cleaning.

When I worked as a youth educator for our county’s 4-H program, I hatched out four batches of chicks with area schools every year. We used Hovabators.

Let me tell you, trying to get that foam clean is a nightmare. After a few seasons you will start to see the foam start to break down.

The Nurture Right is made of all plastic so it is much easier to wash.

Adjustable Oxygen Intake

There is a small little window that opens and closes to allow for more or less oxygen/helps to control the humidity.

I really liked this vs. the plug that some inubators have. It seems like the plugs get lost almost instantly.

adjustable oxygen valve on an egg incubator

Timed Egg Turning

The Nuture Right will turn eggs through out the day. Rather than some turners that veeeerrryy sloooowwwwly rotate the eggs, this one just up and rolls them all a quarter turn. It can be startling at first!

It also is set to stop turning the eggs three days prior to the set hatch date.

Settable Hatch Date

When you start the hatch you select how many days you want to incubate them for. Then three days prior to hatch it will stop turning the eggs. This can however also be a bit of a con. If your incubator loses power for whatever reason, it starts back at day 21 or 28 or whatever you had it set for. So best mark on a calendar when you started your eggs and not just rely on the machine.

Cons of the Nurture Right 360 Incubator

Smaller Size

As I’ll cover more below, this incubator can only fit 22 eggs. Many of the standard incubators such as a Hovabator, can fit twice as many at 44.

360 Clear Plastic

While this looks sharp and makes it easy to observe chicks as they hatch, I found this to be a little problematic. For one, I’m a putsy person and it was all too tempting to futz with the eggs mid-hatch.

Second and more importantly, it seemed to stress out the chicks somewhat.

As I mentioned I have used many Hovabators, the kinds with high foam sides and a viewing window up top. When chicks were hatched and fluffing up in these style incubators they just kind of toddled around.

I noticed with the Manna Pro, the chicks would loop around the side of the incubator pecking and cheeping. I eventually wrapped a towel around it (careful not to cover the oxygen hole) and that seemed to settle them.

So-So Instructions

While it did come with a one-sheet instruction guide, I felt it could have gone more into depth. Things like incubation times for various types of eggs, and greater detail in general. It was still plenty to operate the incubator.

Minorly Difficult to Close

The cover goes on fairly simple, but it does have four little pegs that need to line up just right. I noticed in some reviews before buying this that people THOUGHT they had the cover on but really didn’t. I can see how you could do this easily.

Expense of Different Size Turners

Unlike some turners, this is really only designed for duck, chicken, or guinea eggs. Anything bigger or smaller and you need to buy the additional turners which run about $32 a pop.

egg turner with guinea eggs in it rough and tumble farmhouse

How many eggs can the Harris Farms Incubator Incubate?

It can fit 22 chicken eggs, potentially more for something like quail, and of course less for something like a goose.

I would hesitate to put more than one egg in each spot though as this might affect how well they are able to roll when they automatic turner kicks on.

Watch and Learn

Due to some frustrating technical difficulties, please stand by for the YouTube video!

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