Pack n Play vs Baby Bjorn Travel Cribs

When it comes time to get a mini crib the options can be overwhelming. We had that benefit of trying two different styles to see which worked best. Here are the pros and cons of a Pack n Play vs Baby Bjorn Travel Cribs.

What is a travel crib?

Travel cribs are also called mini cribs and they are exactly what they sound like. They are collapsible cribs that are around half the size of a regular crib.

Many people use them for traveling and as a transition from a bassinet to a full sized crib.

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Comparing the Pack n Play vs Baby Bjorn Travel Cribs

After using both the Pack n’ Play and the Baby Bjorn there are some big differences between the two that should help make a choice as to which is best for your family.


The Pack n Play vs aby Bjorn Travel crib vary greatly in their weight. The Pack n’ Play comes in at twenty one pounds, where the Baby Bjorn is a light thirteen.


This is where you have another huge difference between the two.

A standard Baby Bjorn Mini Crib will cost you $300 on Amazon. If you add in the matching organic cotton sheet it ends up being $319. Now I don’t know about you, but I’d rather buy it with out the sheet and just pick up another organic cotton option for literally half the price.

Graco Pack n Play models will cost you $72 for the basic and $179 for the version with a bassinet and changing station included.

Color Options

From what I can tell, there are at least eight different color and pattern options available for the Pack n Play.

The Baby Bjorn has four different color options, all neutral and muted tones.


This one is a clear win to the Graco Pack n Play.

With the Baby Bjorn, you are getting a very efficient travel crib, that’s it.

The Pack n’ Play offers more versatility in that you can easily snap in a top option that creates a higher but secure sleeping surface. We used this higher level as a transition for our daughter when she was too big for her bassinet. You absolutely can use the floor level for your little one, but we just found it easier to have her up higher where we could see her and not have to bend so low to put her in bed.

The Pack n Play also offers additional features you can purchase such as a bassinet and changing table option. They even have one set up for twins.

mini crib for sleeping rough and tumble farmhouse
The Pack ‘n Play has an upper level and mobile that come with the standard model.


The entire Baby Bjorn mini crib mesh/liner can be zipped easily off the frame and washed. The Pack n’ Play doesn’t have that option so you’ll have to make do with wiping it down.

Neither sleeping pad has a removable cover or liner so you will inevitably like we did, end up with permanent drool marks on the pad itself. Thankfully if you are using a tightly fitted sheet those will be covered up.

washing a baby bjorn mini crib rough and tumble farmhouse
The Baby Bjorn is completely washable except the sleeping pad cover.


We found that our baby monitor can see through the mesh of the Pack n Play but can’t see through the mesh of the Baby Bjorn. Maybe this is not the case with all the color options. Our Baby Bjorn has more of a gray mesh and the Pack n Play has a white mesh.


As you can see from the photo, the two sleeping pads/mattresses are very close in size.

best mini crib rough and tumble farmhouse

The Pack ‘n’ Play has a slightly wider and shorter pad. The Baby Bjorn is a little longer and more narrow.

The two look very different at the tops where the Baby Bjorn tapers in quite a bit and the Pack n Play stays the same width and length as the changing pad all the way up.

Basically the overall footprint is about the same, but the tops are different sizes.


The Baby Bjorn does have the advantage of being almost half the weight of the Pack n Play. However, the Graco Pack-n-Play has wheels on one side. If you have plenty of space to maneuver, the wheels come in handy to move it around.

The Baby Bjorn is easily light enough to lift up and set elsewhere, but I do like the wheels on the PnP.

pack n play features rough and tumblefarmhouse

Putsy Things

With Graco’s Pack n’ Play it can take a few tries to get the hang of setting it up. Mostly if you just follow the directions it is easy. Snap the side walls into position, then push the middle down (see the video below). When you pack it up, reverse that order. Pop the middle up then collapse the side walls.

Baby Bjorn has little straps on the sleeping pad that pull through the bottom of the mesh and clip onto red buckles on each leg. This is just a little futzy, especially if you have the crib sheet on. Again, check out the video below.

When folding up the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib, the legs have to be folded down in the correct order or it will not then collapse easily in half.

baby bjorn mini crib assembly rough and tumble farmhouse

So which is better, the Pack n Play or the Baby Bjorn?

It depends.

If you are looking for a lightweight, compact, sleeping crib only, then I’d say the Baby Bjorn is worth the investment. Especially if you plan on using it for future babies. I’d also say that if we traveled very frequently I think the Baby Bjorn would be our travel crib of choice.

If you want something that has more capabilities (higher sleeping surface for little ones, ability to add a bassinet or changing station), is more budget-friendly, and the extra weight doesn’t bother you, then I’d say go with the Pack n Play.

Our daughter is almost two and is a tall, petite girl. She sleeps better in the Baby Bjorn I believe because it is a few inches longer. She doesn’t mind that it is tapered at the top.

When our new daughter arrives this fall and outgrows her bassinet, it will be the Pack n Play that gets set up for her.

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