Our Spring Seed Order

It’s time to get those spring seeds planted! As usual we are behind on our seed order but excited to get growing regardless. Let’s take a look at what seeds we ordered and why.

Where to buy seeds?

There are so many darn places to order seeds it is easy to get overwhelmed. I typically buy most of our seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. They have great quality and many organic options. Some other companies we have ordered from before are Seed Savers Exchange and High Mowing Organic Seeds.

This year we were excited to pick up a few packets of seeds from our friend’s new seed company, North Circle Seeds.

We inevitably pick up a few packs of seeds, typically flowers, from a local greenhouse or big box store. I find that picking one catalog and sticking to it helps me stay focused and not break the bank.

How much are we going to grow?

As usual I think we were a bit ambitious with our seed purchase. I saw this cartoon a decade ago and I think of it every year because I am guilty of it every year.

I cut my vegetable growing teeth on a four acre organic vegetable CSA where we were growing food for over one hundred families, farm stands, and a farmers market. Now that I’m mainly growing produce for a small family of three, I am still struggling with scale. It’s not a problem to have extra produce, space is the main issue.

We have a decent sized garden but it isn’t in a great space (pine trees, lots of pine trees). The intention is to build some raised beds this year and turn our current garden into a goat paddock. Time will tell!

Our 2020 Seed Order

Not only did I have my seed wish list to whittle down, I also had my husband’s. The man had six types of corn picked out. Six! I’m not even going to get into how many different pumpkin varieties he had written down.

At the end of the day, this is what we ordered up from Johnny’s.

  • Adelaide Carrots – We went with pelleted because they were out of the regular. My mentor always had a heck of a time getting good germination with pelleted seed. Pelleting is a coating they add to especially small seeds to make them easier to plant.
  • Painted Mountain Corn – Ben’s choice.
  • New England Pie Pumpkins– Ben’s choice. I absolutely love pumpkins. How they look, how they smell, and hopefully how these ones taste.
  • Champion Pumpkins Ben’s choice. Halloween is my favorite holiday so hopefully we get a few to carve up in the fall.
  • Trilogy Green Beans– A great trio of three varieties/colors.
  • Tango Celery – Celery keeps well in the garden and you can just slice off stalks as you need it.
  • Nokya Cucumbers – I find that more traditional cucumbers get big seeds and balloon up fast. I’m looking forward to trying it this year.
  • Westlandse Kale This stuff is so cold hardy I shook snow from it last year and it stayed fresh and tasty.
  • Salanova Garden Mix – We planted oodles of this at my mentor’s farm. It’s always beautiful, fresh, and with spaced out plantings will keep us in lettuce most of the summer.
  • PLS 141 Peas – I don’t have the patience to deal with shelling peas. I’ll eat the whole thing thank you!
  • Goldie Garden Husk Cherry – This will be a new one for us. I had ground cherries once before and they were darn tasty.
  • Chamomile I’m hoping to get enough of this and mint to make some herbal tea bags.
  • Mint
  • Bee & Butterfly Shade Flower Mix – One of Ben’s picks.
  • Cherokee Sunset Rudbeckia – These are just plain beautiful and I plant them every year. They make excellent cut flowers.
  • Storage 4 Cabbage– Future sauerkraut!

This is in addition to a pile of seed packets we have leftover from last year. We are also planting tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, and a whole pile of herbs that I’ll get into in another post.

I hope you all are getting excited to start your gardens growing! I’d love to hear about your favorite seeds. Comment below what seeds you wouldn’t want to be with out. Next year I might have to add them to my seed order!

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