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10 Recipes to Use Up Eggs

This time of year a lot of us with chickens are overflowing with eggs. Here are ten recipes that will use up a ton of eggs.

I honestly don’t even know how many eggs we have in our house right now. It is easily over 100, and I need to get to work on using them up! If you have a pile of eggs filling up your fridge or overflowing your countertops, here are some recipes that can help use up those extras.Ov

1. Flourless Chocolate Cake

Possibly my most favorite gluten-free dessert is Flourless Chocolate Cake. You will use ten eggs to create this rich, decadent cake. Another great thing about this cake is it keeps well in the fridge or freezer. What a better way to use up eggs than stockpiling your freezer with a “fancy”, ready-made dessert?

slice of cake being lifted

2. Overnight French Toast

Overnight French Toast will use up six eggs for a 13×9 pan.

How to make overnight french toast

3. Sunshine Cake

This cake uses an incredible 12 egg yolks! I learned about it when working on a grass-based dairy farm. They also had pastured poultry so we always had plenty of eggs. We would usually save this recipe for when we had company coming. First we would make an angel food cake which usually uses 12 egg whites. Then we’d make this cake to go along with it using all the extra yolks.

lemon glaze egg yolk cake rough and tumble farmhouse

4. Hard Boiled Eggs

I know it might sound silly or simple to include just plain old hard-boiled eggs, but they are so versatile! You can slice them up to top a green salad, snack on them with just salt and pepper, add them to potato salad, or make delicious deviled eggs. This can take as many eggs as you want!

beautiful deviled eggs

5. Egg Salad

A good egg salad sandwich is perfect for lunchtime or heck even cute little snack sandwiches on a spring or summer afternoon. This recipe is completely from scratch, including an easy recipe for homemade mayo. This recipe, including the dressing, will use up seven eggs.

egg salad sandwich on a homemade bun from rough and tumble farmhouse

6. Omelets

Yet another sort of no-brainer when it comes to eggs but still a super great way to use them up.

cast iron skillet omelet

7. Eggs Benedict

Poaching eggs is incredibly simple. Add them to an English muffin with some ham and hollandaise sauce then you have Eggs Benedict. This is such a delicious meal you can easily eat it for breakfast or lunch. If you have say a family of five, two adults and three kids, making eggs benedict will set you back anywhere from 8-10 eggs.

eggs benedict on a plate

8. Egg Noodles

If you’ve never made homemade pasta then you HAVE to give it a try. It is way simpler than you’d imagine and it will result in the best pasta you have ever tasted. Here’s how to make your own egg noodles from scratch.

These can be added to soup, tossed with butter and parmesan, topped with sauce, whatever fits your fancy! They also can be dried and stored for several months.

drying homemade noodles rough and tumble farmhouse

9. Dutch Baby Pancake

Fluffy, light, and delicious, a Dutch Baby Pancake to will take 4 eggs or 8 eggs if you make a double batch. This pancake is so light that I would recommend making two 13×9 pans if you have older children or a big group. A single batch can comfortably feed our family of four (two adults, a preschooler, and a toddler). But if we had another adult in the mix I would add another pan.

how to make dutch baby pancakes rough and tumble farmhouse

10. Breakfast Taco Casserole

This final recipe isn’t one of mine. It was shared with me by my cousin Autumn. However, it is well worth telling you about. For one 13×9 pan, this recipe uses 16 eggs. Yes, 16! I will say, this Breakfast Taco Casserole doesn’t exactly look the best, but it is darn delicious for breakfast or lunch.

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